The MacEachern Drum Company (MDC) makes high quality custom designed hardware for acoustic drums. The “Cool Claws” product line is a first in the industry, making custom shaped base drum claws to replace existing standard, old, or boring looking claws. New designs will be added periodically to give the customer a wide variety to choose from. Other custom drum hardware, as well as Custom Drums, will also be added to the MDC product line in the near future.

MDC launched September 10th, 2004, and immediately started to acquire an impressive list of high profile, Cool Claws endorsing drummers worldwide, and the list keeps growing!

Rob MacEachern is the owner and president of MDC.

Rob has a large list of credentials as a lifetime working drummer, and has a history with numerous bands including:  Helix, The Eric Summers Band, The Ugly Stepsisters, Krazy Tok, Hit’n Run, and Who Made Who, and has played on studio recordings by Helix, Sven Gali, Eleanor Grand, The Chris Hart Band, and Blu Bones.

Rob earned a Gold record in 1992 with the band Sven Gali, for the album “Under the Influence”.